Personal data protection policy

Respecting privacy and transparency is an important value for Misetal. In accordance with regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council dated April 27th 2016, relating to the protection of individuals with regard to personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC, Misetal has written its privacy policy in order to clearly communicate on the personal data collected.

Misetal, whose head office is located at 56 rue Smith, 69002 Lyon in the Rhone in France, is responsible for processing data in accordance with the definition of the regulations.

Personal data

Is information directly or indirectly identifying an individual, such as the name, telephone number, email address, IP address, a fingerprint…

The Collection and the Purposes of processing data

Misetal collects personal data on any person browsing, viewing, and ordering via the digital tools made available by the company.

This data collection is carried out when the person visits the Misetal website:

Browses and/or is recorded on websites or an application,

Uses the proposed features: account creation, account modification, signs up for alerts …
Orders a product or requests a return
Contacts Misetal’s Customer Services
Writes a comment on a product, a service…
Completes a form or a questionnaire for Misetal

The data collected is necessary for the following:

Management and monitoring of commercial relationships
Communication of information on products, services, events
Commercial prospection
Personalizing the individual’s experience
Creation of statistics or marketing studies
Sharing information with our partners
Preventing and fighting against fraud
Instant messaging

The collection of data is carried out through the following information:

Optional: The information collected by Misetal to better know the people who access the websites, on a form, marked without any asterisk.
Mandatory: The person must provide this information. Any lack of response will stop the processing. Misetal will not continue the person’s request on a form marked with an asterisk.

The postal or electronic addresses, landline or cellphone telephone numbers of the person concerned are necessary data for the management of the commercial relationship between said person and Misetal.

Right to access, rectify and delete

The concerned person has the right to access, rectify and delete the data about them. They can expressly oppose the processing of their personal data. To do this, they must simply send a letter to the Misetal GDPR committee to the address below, or send it to

56 rue Smith, 69002 Lyon, France

After verifying the requesting party, Misetal has a period of 2 months from receiving the request from the concerned person to respond.

Data recipients

By voluntarily providing personal data, the concerned person consents to Misetal using it in accordance with the terms of the confidentiality policy. If the concerned person provides personal data, they recognize and accept that this data may be transferred by Misetal to other authorized third parties.

Misetal, like many other companies, sometimes uses other companies to complete certain internal operational functions, like sending emails, updating the databases, etc. In this case Misetal only provides the information which the company requires for its mission and this information will only be used for Misetal’s purposes.

Transfer of personal data outside of the European Union

Under the framework of managing the commercial relationship with the group to which Misetal belongs to, personal data may be exchanged between all the subsidiaries of the group all over the world.

Data retention period

Personal data is deleted or made anonymous after a period established by the end of processing which takes effect from the termination of the relationship between Misetal and the person concerned.

Personal data is used to establish proof of a right or contract, or a legal obligation and is archived in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

Misetal reserves the right to keep the data for a longer period of time with the person concerned being informed of this and consenting.


No comment should consist of a message of a defamatory, abusive, criminal, vulgar, slanderous, racist nature towards third parties, natural or legal persons, inciting discrimination, damaging the honor/reputation of others, violent or pornographic, and more generally, non-compliant with the legislation in force. In this respect, Misetal reserves the right to delete any comment that does not respect the provisions mentioned above


A cookie is an element of data that is placed or stored on their terminal (computer, tablet or mobile device) when a person accesses a website or an application. Cookies enable the recognition of the person concerned as well as assistance in the browsing of the website or application, providing secure connections. They do not damage your device in any way.

Misetal uses cookies in order to recognize the person concerned during their visit to a Misetal website or application. A message is sent during the first connection.

The person concerned can at any time deactivate the cookies saved on their terminal. To do this, they can simply select the appropriate settings in their browser.

However, this deactivation will consequently prevent access to certain customization features on a proposed website or service.

Web Beacons

Misetal uses web beacons on certain pages of its websites which enable Misetal to count the number of visitors to the page. These web beacons can be used with some of our commercial partners, notably in order to measure and improve the efficacy of certain advertisements. The information collected via these web beacons is anonymous and makes it possible to know how often pages of the Website are visited, which helps us to better help the websites’ Users.

Social media

Misetal does not manage the data collected by Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The person concerned must read the policy relating to the protection of personal data published by the Social Media concerned in order to understand the terms for processing and using the data collected by these media as well as the configuration possibilities available for protecting their privacy. If the person concerned does not want the Social Media to connect the information collected by Misetal to their Social Media account, they must log out of the Social Media before visiting the Misetal website in question.

Security measures taken to ensure the protection of personal data

Misetal implements all technical means in accordance with the best professional practices in order to maintain integrity, security, data confidentiality and notably to prevent data from being distorted, damaged, or even prevent unauthorized third parties from gaining access to this data.

Preventing and fighting against fraud

The data collected is also used under the framework of the prevention and fight against fraud notably for bank cards. Misetal reserves the right to verify the personal data communicated by the person concerned when an order is placed and to use all measures deemed necessary for the verification of the fact that the person who holds the debited bank account is in fact the person who placed the order, in order to avoid any fraudulent payment. This verification could take the form of a request for proof of identity and/or residence.

In the absence of a negative response from the person concerned, Misetal reserves the right to cancel the order placed by the User.

Recruitment and applications

The management and monitoring of applications via recruitment software. The data collected is intended to be used by Misetal and is retained for duration of 2 years from the last contact made with the candidate.

Candidates have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal data about them. The candidate may oppose the disclosure of their contact information. They will indicate their surname, first name and postal address. Their request must be signed and specify the address to which the response must be sent. A response will then be sent within a period of 2 months following the reception of the request, as postmarked.

Misetal informs you that it will implement all measures to best protect the privacy of individuals when visiting their Websites or Applications.

Information is available on the CNIL website:

This personal data protection policy is established and may be modified by us only in accordance with the regulations in force.