Operational Excellence
is our commitment to partners

Operational excellence is present at each step of our business at Misetal. We focus particularly on continuous improvement throughout the entire value chain namely with:

  • Business efficiency programs for traders to keep them up to date with latest trading techniques
  • Digitalization of our work tools to ensure reliability and accuracy of information management
  • Detailed processes as regards documentation to achieve on time implementation and regulatory compliance
  • Logistic procedures and contracts to control the supply chain
  • Financial procedures to guarantee transaction security and optimization
Misetal img our solutions


Our daily contacts with local partners enable us to build strong links with both our customers and suppliers, as well as to feed our market intelligence while refining our sourcing network.



Since its founding in 1919, Misetal has been dealing with international steel trading operations.
Thanks to its extensive experience and qualified finance team, Misetal is able to provide its clients and suppliers with relevant guidance for financing complex steel and aluminum trading operations and can also ensure their compliance and security.



We handle break bulk cargo or shipping containers, provide inland multimodal operations and customized delivery solutions.



Regulatory Compliance
Custom Expertise
On-Time Documentation Coordination