Building, Industry and Distribution

Misetal is active in three main areas, with a view to progress both in the product and logistics specificities as well as provide a relevant market vision.


We deliver building material all over the world

The building sector is our oldest activity, since we started, in 1919, to export steel to building customers after the First World War. Our knowledge about the products and the market has been built up year by year since then. We are regularly present on international projects, through major building companies, with direct onsite deliveries, and have storage facilities to enable the logistics flow of the projects in JIT delivery. We are also involved in the product certification process of our suppliers in the sales destination country, to introduce new products/sources and in this way diversify supply to the benefit of our customers.

We look forward to supplying promising industrial companies

Thanks to our Industry and specific application knowledge, we supply customers in various fields, based on product dedicated specifications (chemical analysis, mechanical characteristics, final application), and provide precise documentation in order to ensure traceability of the products. We also have a particular focus on the logistics, of paramount importance when it comes to supply sensitive products from one continent to another, with the appropriate care. We commit to deliver the best processable product, to ensure the highest productivity to our customers at the best quality/price ratio, as we take into account the customers’ total product cost vision.

On-time supply of certified quality products

Thanks to our parent company, the D&C group, leader in professional distribution, we have tight links to the distribution sector, with a good vision of its needs and constraints. The synergies we have been able to generate have helped us a lot to progress towards the fulfilment of our commitments, especially as regards logistics, as we also operate multimodal operations to deliver DDP to our customers’ premises. Service centers are a growing part of our customer base as well, with a possibility, on request, to have material stored all over Europe, and soon in North America, with call offs to be made on Just-in-time delivery basis.